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Special Care Services

If there are conditions that require additional special care and supervision, it will be determined after initial assessment.  The following conditions may be considered depending on the level of care needed, and if we are able to provide proper care for the individual.


  • Provide total care and supervision of the Activities of Daily Living.

  • Gastronomy or tube feeding*

  • Wound Care (Stage 3 or 4)*

  • Bedbound or bedridden*

  • Diabetic/insulin care, assist with insulin injection using hand-over hand technique. 

  • Wheelchair-bound residents.

  • Those with mobility issues that require two-person lift or need mechanical transfer (Hoyer lift)

  • Catheter Care.

  • Colostomy Care.

  • Oxygen Care.

  • Challenging behavioral issues (combative, physically aggressive, pacing, etc.)

  • ​Other conditions that require State Licensing Exemption.

*Provided only during hospice care or if required and

approved by State Licensing Exemption

Other Accommodations

Planned Daily Activities

We engage our residents in meaningful activities to help maintain their functional abilities, enhance their self-esteem, and provide social interaction. Our activities are tailored to the residents capabilities, interests, and preferences while still providing a sense of fulfillment, pleasure, and stimulation.

Fall Prevention

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our residents and preserve mobility by reducing the risk of fall, and fall related injuries. Our facility is retrofitted with proper handrails and grab bars. Bedrooms are spacious and accommodating. For exercise, our vast landscaped outdoor area is ideal for ambulation to strengthen their legs and stimulate their senses. Most importantly, we provide sufficient staff to oversee the residents' activities preventing accidental falls. We also work with physical therapists from outside services to provide help with our residents as needed.

Seniors Socializing
Pain Management

Pain is difficult to assess and is usually improperly treated with residents suffering from dementia due to their inability to effectively communicate. Our goal is to be able to recognize their pain in a systematic and effective manner to relieve their distress and agitation caused by untreated or under treated pain.

Skin Care and Bedsore Prevention and Treatment

shutterstock_796306306 (1).jpg

Due to limited mobility, fragility, dry skin, and neglect of proper hygiene, the elderly are prone to skin breakdown. To promote healthy skin, we ensure proper nutrition, hydration, increase mobility, and exercise.

End of Life Care

Our facility has a hospice waiver which allows outside hospice companies to provide end-of-life care services to our residents on site while we continue providing the same quality care for our residents until they reach the final stage of their disease.

For More Information

If you would like more detailed information about our Special Services please call our Resident Care Consultant, Ruby Dy, at 858-837-0213

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