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Small Size Care Facility

The Benefits of A Small Size Care Facility

Hilltop Country Estate is a 10 bed licensed nonmedical Residential Care Facility for the Elderly serving seniors suffering from different types and stages of dementia. We are considered a small size care facility and most of the time referred to as “Board and Care”. We have been a licensed facility since 2001. 

What sets us apart from larger facilities is the limited number of residents we care for and the location and type of building of our facility. Small size facilities like ours are regular homes converted into a facility located in a residential neighborhood, so we feel like a home rather than an institution. Due to our small size, we are able to provide a more intimate approach to our care, and the ratio of staff to residents is more personalized and involved. 

Who is a good candidate for a Small Size Facility? 

Hilltop Country Estate is a small size facility ideal for someone who prefers a quieter, more intimate, and inviting environment. For those suffering from dementia, huge crowds can be too stimulating and big spaces quite confusing, causing agitation and frustration. Anyone who requires personal and individualized attention due to either their behavior or physical and medical needs would benefit from a small size care facility. 

Please call Hilltop Country Estate at 8588370213  to ask your pressing questions or schedule private tours. We’d love to show you what’s special about our care facility and team of caring professionals.

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