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What makes an exceptional Senior Living Community

What makes Hilltop Country Estate an excellent Senior Living Community

Here at Hilltop Country Estate, we are committed to provide the best quality care possible for our residents. Our goal is centered around supporting the resident’s uniqueness and placing an emphasis on the whole person and not only their diagnosis. Treating each resident with utmost respect and dignity, as well as promoting overall wellbeing, are our top priorities. This requires a special knowledge, understanding, sensitivity and commitment to meet their ever-changing levels of needs for personal care and supervision that Hilltop Country Estate can provide for your loved one.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Hilltop Country Estate to care for your loved ones:

Personalized Care

We take the time to carefully complete a pre-admission assessment prior to accepting any resident in order to create an effective plan of care that will meet their individual and personal needs. It is a collaborative effort between the facility staff, family members and other interdisciplinary professionals such as physical therapists, home health, hospice etc. Our staff is trained to provide compassionate care and they continue to receive on-going training to ensure our high standards of care are met.

All-inclusive Care Package

A stress-free all-inclusive cost where care, services and basic supplies are bundled into one cost-effective rate. We understand that caring for a resident with Dementia is not a “One Size Fits All”. With that in mind, we offer a range of prices based on your choice of accommodation and the assistance and supervision required for each level of care.

Aging in place & End of life care

Here at Hilltop Country Estate we provide a community where your loved one can age in place. Hospice waiver is also available to provide continuity of care until end of life & staff works seamlessly with hospice, home health etc. Our residents & their families are in peace knowing that they don’t have to move somewhere else to receive the care that they need.


Hilltop Country Estate residents and their families are free to safely enjoy our green grass lawns, flower gardens and safe walkways for strolling---all fenced and secured for privacy and security. Assistance and safety supervision with mobility using walkers, wheelchairs and use of mechanical devices such as a Hoyer lift is also provided. In addition to that, we have a fall prevention program that uses different types of alarms and monitoring plans to ensure our residents safety.

Friends in the community

Our residents find new found friendship & develops a special bond within our community. Chats over coffee and tea or laughing around with their jokes, here at Hilltop Country Estate we treat each other as friends and enjoy each day knowing we are not alone in this journey.

Relaxing Environment

We strongly believe in the calming power of nature and the healing connection between our residents and their environment. With that in mind, Hilltop Country Estate was designed to provide a nurturing environment that will nourish not just their body but their mind and soul as well. Sitting on roughly 10 acres with the views of rolling hills, mature oak trees, palm trees, flowers & fruit trees.

Interesting activities

Each day, our residents are gently and safely engaged in mental and physical activities that are stimulating and beneficial for their overall wellbeing. Our activities are personalized to each resident’s interests as well as physical and mental capabilities. Our goal is to help each resident experience enjoyable and meaningful moments every day.

Nutritious and delicious food (talk about travelogue through food)

Here at Hilltop Country Estate, we create a dining experience like no other! Our exceptional chef prepares dishes that our residents truly enjoy, with beautiful presentation that entices them to eat and their nutritional needs met with a carefully constructed menu. We also have a program “Travelogue”, where we travel to special places and delight in each countries cuisine!

We are also here to help other families who may be in a dilemma trying to look for a safe place for their loved ones during this challenging time. If you need help or have concerns and need assistance to find the right home for your loved ones, please call us at (858) 837-0213 or schedule a visit here at Hilltop Country Estate for a private tour of our community. Watch our Blog for updates & more resources to help manage the impact of the coronavirus on our senior community.

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