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Hilltop Country Estate Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility for Seniors is a licensed, non-medical residential care facility for the elderly. We recognize that caring for a resident with dementia is not a “one-size-fits-all” program. Our dementia care program is designed to focus and meet the personal and unique needs of our residents. 

In Good Hands
5 Point Strategy of Dementia Program

CCareful assessment of each resident’s unique and individual needs
A- Adapt and implement a program/service plan developed to meet the

     ever changing needs of our residents
R- Review and assess on a regular basis the program and plan of care implemented to evaluate its 

     effectiveness and relevance                 
E- Empower our residents with dementia, the staff of caregivers, families, friends, and medical professionals by         building a positive partnership toward achieving a common goal
S- Secure a safe environment essential to the total well being of our residents

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Our Plan of Memory Care
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