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Lowe Body Dementia

Offering All-Inclusive Care for Dementia Patients

Welcome to Hilltop Country Estate, where we offer all inclusive care for those needing memory care assisted living facilities. We are prepared to care for all types of dementia, including Lewy body dementia, through every stage of the dementia process including end-of-life care.

The cost of dementia care can be a huge financial responsibility for anyone. With this in mind we set fair and reasonable prices in cognizance of the burden it creates for most families. We also strive to provide complete care, cutting no corners to ensure that additional costs don’t pile up.

As a response to the growing frustrations of most families, Hilltop Country Estate created a simple but comprehensive and straightforward cost to dementia care. A monthly fee that bundles up all of the  24-hour daily care and supervision, medication management, basic supplies  including incontinent supplies into ONE FIXED RATE. 

There are no surprises or unexpected charges each month. This allows for better planning and budgeting of the residents’ finances in the months and years ahead. If this type of cost-effective, all-inclusive care sounds appealing to you, give Hilltop Country Estate a call today to learn more.

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