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What is Hospice Care?


Hospice is end of life care. It is not a place , it is a service. It is a special program designed to give supportive care for those who are very ill and dying and it focuses on the person and not the disease. The end goal is no longer to cure the illness but rather aimed at providing comfort by easing pain and other symptoms associated with dying and provide as much quality of life as possible.   


Hospice care also provides emotional and spiritual support to families and friends of the individual receiving hospice care.

Hilltop Country Estate, and a team of health care professionals, and volunteers, with the cooperation and approval of family or designated representative all come together to implement an individualized plan of care that will help achieve its goal.


How and when does hospice care start?


Hospice Care starts, when the Primary Care Physician, upon consultation and review of the individual's current illness and health status, may prescribe hospice care as deemed appropriate. If the person needing hospice is in a licensed facility such as Hilltop assisted living facility, a careful recommendation of various accredited and experienced hospice companies will be given to the family at which time the choice to contact hospice, is a decision that can only be made by the family.

A Hospice company will then assess the health of the patient to ensure that the prospective hospice patient meets the approved guidelines necessary for hospice care. Once approved, the hospice service will start.


However, because Hospice is a service and not a place, our facility is licensed by the State of California with a proper hospice waiver to care for someone receiving end of life care. 

We understand that you may have many questions, and we are always here to listen, and provide comfort. Please call us anytime with concerns.

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