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Is a non-medical memory care facility for seniors that is licensed for 10 beds. Our facility has been in operation for 2 decades, serving seniors with different types and levels of dementia.  We are privately owned by an RN, with a professional background  as a Registered Nurse and expert administrator.  We continue to pride ourselves in our dedication to provide personalized service in a warm, relaxed, and comfortable environment.

About Us
Hilltop Country Estate,

We recognize the need to provide individualized care for seniors who have either physical or mental challenges, and in some cases both. This requires special knowledge, understanding, sensitivity, and commitment to meet their ever-changing level of needs. Our staff is well-trained and they receive consistent education to keep them updated so that we can provide the best care for each resident. We maintain a sufficient number of staff that is available and awake for 24 hour supervision.

Daily Initiatives

Our philosophy is centered around supporting our residents' individuality and placing an emphasis on each person as whole. Our top priorities are treating each resident with respect and dignity, as well as promoting their overall well being. Developing best in care each day as follows;

  • To develop and implement an effective memory care, and dementia program plan of care, which will enhance the quality of life and meet the individualized needs of the residents we serve.

  • To create ongoing dementia training for our staff, to equip them with adequate knowledge regarding proper care in the treatment of dementia.

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